D & T INTERVIEWS (in the can) 8/1/91

(* connotates person deceased as of 5/16/99)
1	Joan Kahl	=	(wife/widow)	
2 	Yorie Kahl (son/life in prison)
3	Shauna Faul (Scott's wife, he's life in prison)	
4	Rev. Peter Dyck	(Heaton, ND Baptist preacher who knew GK, set up 
	the first meeting w/Bud Warren. Did funeral. His son ended up marrying 
	Loreen, youngest GK daughter)	
5	Bud & Alta Brakel	 (ND neighbors who have known GK since WWII. Love GK. 
	Bud was at the Bud W. meeting)	
6	Darrel Graf	(Medina police chief. Sympathy towards GK. Felt slandered 
	by media, lost job. Attended meetings)
7	Steve Schnabel (At ND shootout. Got hooked in by showing Marshals where 
	the roads are. Shot in leg. Good bits of what happened)
8	Lynn Crooks (US Attny. Fargo trial.) 
9	Dennis Fisher	(Bulldog #2 US Attny)
10	John Noah	(1st ND Probation officer. Liked GK, no problems, transferred 	        
	to Holiday because of territory)
11	Ralph Vinje (Attny. for David Broer)
12	Irv Nodland (Attny. for Scott Faul)		
13	Warren Sogard	(attny. for Yorie)		
14	*Bill Kennelly (First attny for Faul, got Nodland in and he was backup.)
15	Jim Corcoran (author of "Bitter Harvest" covered news event for Fargo Forum)
16	Clayton Visby (dying juror at Fargo trial) 
17	Rev. Ed Udey (convicted of harboring GK in ARK.Shook his hand and had 
	GK over for dinner. Did 3 yrs) 
18	Irene Udey (wife, let off)					
19	*Leonard Ginter(GK died in his house, did apx. 4 yrs in prison)	
20	Norma Ginter (let off)
22	Prof. Ed Gran (U. of ARK prof., Activist, 	
	investigated death scene called for grand jury)
23	*Art Russell (daughter Karen, squealer.he was convicted of harbor)
24	*Buck Stuart  (Knew Yorie, who had worked for him. Buck did time for 
	failure to file)
25	Doc Lewis (Tax patriot @ GK Death Reunion. Was in prison w/Buck)
26	*Ray Wade (found foot w/NYTs reporter part of activist investigating 
	death scene)
27	*Bill Wade (father of Ray, activist, owns the land, suing govt.)
28	Jack McLamb (ex-cop, wants to expose injustice)
29	Earl Sloan, Jr. (Walnut Ridge, Ark., busybody
30	Mayor Tommy Hall (Walnut Ridge mayor)
31	Donna Evans (Yorie's jailhouse lover)	
32	Delores Everts (sister of GK)	
33	John Everts
34	Sig Brodal (farm activist)
35	Scarlet Skiftun (GK grandaug. Mom suicide)
36	Joan Kahl
37	Herman Widicker (GK ND neighbor friend)
38	Janiece Widicker
39	*August Pankow	(juror knew Crooks)
40	Auction Man/streets
41	Verna Gleason	(ND juror)
42	Harold Gleason
43	Mark Lanenga(Heard gunshots @ Medina)	
44	Carol Lanenga
45	Victor Seil (Joan's brother)
46	Laverne Warren (Bud Warren's widow)
47	Medina Man/streets
48	Marlys Klimek	(Fargo juror)
49	Curtis Pellet	(ND Sheriff, Faul run-in)
50	Ron Perleberg	 (local ND cop reserve Heard Yori's confesssion)	 			
51	John Ruby	(ND radio talkshow)	
52	Len Martin	 (booklet writer/GK advc)   
53	Brad Kapp	(cop, lost finger, Medina)
54	Robert Holiday (ND probation officer)	
55	Dan Broom	(ND probation)
56	Clarence Kahl	(GK brother)
57	Alan McCullough (ND jury foreman)
58	Dr. Evan Kostick	(operated on Yorie)
59	A.J. Lowery (editor, Justice Times)
60	Anita Lowery
61	*Buck Stuart
62	Earl Sloan, Jr.
63	Election Crowd
64	*Tom Lee =	(poured diesel fuel/death)
65	Ed Fitzpatrick=	(fired shotgun/GK death)
66	Dero Downing=	 FBI @ Ark death)
67	Dr. Fahmy Malak= (GK autopsy)
68	Perry Webb=(ARK cop @ death)
69	Gene Nail=	(ARK reporter expose')
70	Bufford Terrell=(TX lawyer for GK Tax Trial)
71 	L.R. Richardson (Minn's asst.)	
72	Michael Minns (Ginter lawyer)
73	Gary Booth (IRS ND & Dallas)
74	Marlene Gaysek (IRS = PR/TX)
75	Pat Dorsey (IRS CID/TX)
76	Bob Ralston (IRS GK sp. investgt)
77	Jack Swan  (TX probation offcr)
78	Loreen Dyck (youngest GK kid)
79	Roberta Stagg (TX friend of family)
80	Layne
81	Toots Mathis =(hired GK in TX)
82	Lorna/Loreen =(GK daughters)
83	Mark Stagg (childhood friend/Yorie)
84	Ray Weatherby (TX Sheriff,knew GK)
85	Earl Jones (Christian Identity)
86	Stuart Whitman (actor to do film)
87	Jim Whitaker (wrote script on GK)
88	Terry Canady (wrote song)
89	Dick Lowry (NBC director)
90	Ken Kaufman (NBC producer)
91)	Rod Steiger (Played GK in NBC M.O.V.)
92)	Vernon Wagner (was @ Medina Roadblock plea-bargained out.)
93)	Harley McClain (wrote & performed song, "Calling Gordon Kahl")
94)	Scott Faul's Dad
95)	Jack Miller, Stutsman County Deputy