PREMIERES on HBO July 1999

Winner "Best Picture" @ 1998 Atlantic City Film Festival

Starring Brad Garratt

of the hit CBS-TV Series "Everybody Loves Raymond" Click here to check out Brad's ***International Star***POWER


A time-bomb is ticking in our little post office and his name is OREN STARKS (Brad Garratt) a disgruntled Postal Worker. His estranged co-workers don't wonder if he's going to go off, it's when? Oren fits the profile of a new breed of killers in America -- Unhappy workers who can no longer handle the day to day frustrations and stress of being a factory man. Something in the brain pan short circuits and the paranoid delusions begin.

Postal Worker is a dark, yet sick comedy that takes place in a small post office which the US Postal Service has chosen to launch it's landmark research study led by award-winning psychotherapist, DR. NICOLAS BRINK (Richard Portnow). Brink's controversial techniques are going to create a "psychological vaccine" to defuse these human time-bombs which seem to be "going postal" at an alarming rate.

What ensues is the revelation that almost everyone is under incredible stress as we follow the workers during the week leading up to April 15th, Tax Deadline Day, the busiest day of the year for the post office. Obsessions, perverse love triangles combust as TAMMY SKYE (Grace Cavanaugh) has transferred into this post office after having survived an earlier massacre in another state. She loves her work and just wants to be left alone, but, that doesn't fit the standard profile of these human nutshells about to crack. Oren is convinced that he and Tammy are meant to be the sole survivors of Armageddon and will go on to spawn the new human race. Tammy becomes a victim, yet again, of a stalking, psychotic mailman.

Meanwhile, HARRY CASH (Rob Roy Fitzgerald), a washed up minor league baseball player, now turned lifer in the Service is eagerly courting Tammy, who is confused about her feelings towards him and proclaims that 'it's too soon' after her recent tragedies. Harry brings a gun to work to protect Tammy from Oren.

CALHOUN BENEDICT, (William Long Jr.), the Post Master is driving his entire staff of postal workers nuts by constantly monitoring their bathroom breaks. Somebody is going to go berserk, but, we're not sure who?

Postal Worker is an ensemble pressure cooker where each worker is drawn towards their fate by their own frustrations and frailties as they deal with the impending explosion.

The Center for Disease Control has declared workplace homicide an epidemic with over 750 homicides in 1992. The number one carrier for this homicidal disease is the US Postal Service. With over 750,000 employees, (the nation's largest civilian work force) we have a built in audience that will put Postal Worker head and shoulders over the competition coming out of the marketing gate in both theatrical and home video sales and rentals. Not to mention the demand overseas in foreign markets for a slice of true Americana psychosis. Postal Worker delivers - with a vengeance!


35mm; 84 mins.


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