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(Feb. 8th, 2000)

Dear Taos Land & Film Co,

"I cannot speak on behalf of all aspiring screenwriters out there, but I am
extremely impressed and heartened by your commitment to our struggles and
more so, to the personal manner in which you have been running your contest.

As you well know, most contests post notices, collect fees and scripts and
that's that until the winner is announced... your consistent contact and
inspirational tips/messages are well taken - at least by this aspiring
screenwriter... keep it up... we need more folk like yourself"

Frank Taylor


3rd Annual Taos Land & Film Screenplay Contest
(Year 2000)

WINNER GETS 5 ACRES (Mule Not Included)

Taos Land & Film Company (TLFC) has announced the deadline for the Third Annual Taos Land & Film Screenplay Contest --

The Early Entry Deadline is January 15th, 2000.

The Final Entry Deadline is February 28th, 2000.

The winner will receive five (5) acres in the Cerro Montoso filmmakers colony that overlooks the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos.

The ten Finalists will be announced at the sixth annual Taos Talking Pictures Festival April 15-18, 2000. And the Winner will be announced in July, 2000.

Besides winning five acres in Taos, the winning script will be optioned by TLFC. So, the main pre-requisite to entering the contest is that each screenplay must be option-free. This does not preclude the author from selling his screenplay in the interim, but does affect his chances of winning the contest. Finalists (there were 10 last year) will be reviewed by major studio executive, agents and producers who have expressed interest in developing co-productions with Taos Land & Film Company.

TLFC also sponsors the Annual Land Grant Prize at the Taos Talking Pictures Festival -- as part of their effort to encourage the building of a film community in the well-known artist's colony and ski resort -- Five acres awarded to the most inspired feature film entered. Previous winning filmmakers and writers who are now land-owners on the mountain include, David Riker, "La Ciudad", Chris Eyre, "Smoke Signals"; Connie Marks, "Green Chimneys"; Gary Walkow, "Notes From Underground" and Reynaldo Cantu', author of "Why Angels Cry", winner of the 1998 Screenplay Award.

The entries can be in any genre and an entry form can be received by calling Taos Land & Film at 505-758-7178 or via its web site: Entry fee is $75 or $50 for early entries postmarked by January 15, 2000.

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