Grassroots Help


We want to thank those of you who purchased a copy of DEATH & TAXES. We're asking you to help us promote the movie. The mainstream media has been avoiding us and the issues brought up in DEATH & TAXES. If you thought the movie brought up important issues such as political prisoners being held in this country. And, Federal police abuse actions, where federal agents get off with no reprimands or punishment. Or the IRS's abuses of people such as Gordon Kahl whom they chose to "make examples of". If you think Death & Taxes ought to be seen by more people then please contact the media within your reach. Either call your local talks shows and news shows or call the following national news people. Possibly through your help we can make a bigger dent.

We've sent copies of the movie to many media personalities. Let's stir it up on the radio. Make it an issue. If you would call-in or fax the following talk shows and ask the hosts if they've watched DEATH & TAXES. Ask them to invite us on the air for an interview. Or just talk about what you saw in DEATH & TAXES. Write to your local papers and other groups. Or let us know who's important in your area and we'll contact them.

Plus, call your local talk shows, and the many other radio shows you listen to.

If you get on the air, please be sure to mention our toll free telephone number, 1-800--287-9477 (BURY-IRS). Please let us know the time and date as well as the radio show.


If you would like to send letters appealing for the release of Yorie or Scott Faul address them to: Mr. Edward Reilly, Chairman, U.S. Parole Commission, 5550 Friendship Blvd., Chevy Chase, MD 20815. YORIE KAHL'S Register No. 04565-059 (A-3)


Jeff Jackson

Producer/DEATH & TAXES